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how to update android 9.0 pie on galaxy s7 edge and s7_Flat

Android 9 Pie (codenamed Android P during take promote on) is the ninth major update and the 16th tab of the Android functional system. It was first released as an alpha setting developer preview in March 2018 and released to the public in the region of August 6, 2018.

Android Pie, unapproachable referred to as Android P, was first announced by Google on the order of March 7, 2018, and the first developer preview was released around the same hours of day. The second preview, considered beta feel, was released linked to than mention to May 8, 2018.[4] The third preview, called Beta 2, was released in parable to June 6, 2018.The fourth preview, called Beta 3, was released in this place July 2, 2018.The permanent beta of Android P was released in financial credit to July 25, 2018.

Android P was officially released going just not quite for August 6, 2018 as Android 9 Pie and was initially possible for Google Pixel devices and the Essential Phone.The Sony Xperia XZ3 was the first device at the rear Android Pie pre-installed.

Google announced it will official pardon Android 9 Pie (Go Edition), the lite parable of Android Pie, in autumn.

Well, Im not answerable for your phone getting bricked or all things that could happen.
Do a backup of your current rom first!

For optional appendage devs: You are not allowed to use all from this project without my permissions!

s7 edge and s7_Flat  Add Extra Features

1 Main

  • New screenshot file format
    (From jpg to png)
  • Disabled mtp usb pop-taking place
  • Added living drawing in keyboard
  • Added android pie apps (Weather, theme append, myfiles, calculator, messages, gallery, keyboard, directory, clock, edge panel, edge panel apps ) (Thanks to @corsicanu)
  • Added android pie font and emojis (Thanks to @corsicanu)
  • Fixed some csc values
  • Moro kernel as default

2 HyperTools

  • Redesigned categories title text style
  • Organised some categories
  • Added toggle in short panel
  • Updated all music app mods
    (Because of the auxiliary base)
  • New ui based following quotation to android pie
  • New app icon
  • Updated power menu thumbnails
  • Optimised some mods
  • Added volume icon visibility
  • Added signal level style
  • Added 4G/LTE icon style
  • Added notifications to perform
  • Added low percentage caution
  • Added necessary percentage caution
    /Tap to nap
  • Added double tap to snooze
  • Added use fingerprint later screen is off
  • Added curt google tilt unlock
  • Added alarm info
    /Bottom info
  • Added low battery text visibility and custom value
  • Added adequately charged text visibility and custom value
  • Added screenshot date style
  • Added led charging, low battery, notifications toggles
  • Added aod custom background
    *Dialer and Incallui
  • Added file make known style for call recorder
  • Added file date style for call recorder
  • Added auto record calls
    /Create associations menu
  • Added make admission thumbnail and text color
  • Added update existing thumbnail and text color
    /Camera and conceal
  • Added camera visibility
  • Added conceal visibility
    *Notification Panel
    /Transparent bg
  • Improved blur mod
  • Fixed blur mod dark lockscreen
    /Outdoor mode (Thanks to AbrahamGC)
  • Added visibility
  • Added thumbnail off, upon color
  • Added thumbnail off, upon syle
  • Added rotation
  • Added observer for thumbnail color
  • Added thumbnail style
    (one descent or two lines)
  • Added one parentage color
  • Added random tile lightness
    (style, quickness, effect)
  • Added swipe spaciousness
    (style, vigor, effect)
    *Power Menu
  • Added lockscreen visibility for all toggles
  • Added screen recorder
  • Added screenshot
  • Added download mode
    *Volume Panel
  • Added visibility
  • Added radius of corners
  • Added borders style
  • Added custom color borders
  • Added membership thickness
  • Added width of the pedigree in the midst of breaks
  • Added width of breaks
  • Added titles text color
  • Added media volume key text color
  • Added media volume summary key text color
  • Added thumb upon color
  • Added thumb off color
  • Added icon upon color
  • Added icon off color
  • All mods are redone cause of the tally app base
    /Full performer
  • Added ensue thumbnail color
  • Added UHQ upscaler text color
    /Mini artiste
  • Added list thumbnail color
  • Added preview thumbnail color
  • Added do something in/pause thumbnail color
  • Added neighboring thumbnail color
  • Added shuffle thumbnail color
  • Added list thumbnail color
  • Added favorite thumbnail color
  • Added repeat thumbnail color
  • Added stuffy list thumbnail color
  • Added samsung music text color
  • Added track title text color
  • Added track artist text color
    /Header title
  • Added 3 more text styles
    (Bold, italic, bold italic)
  • Added text in bubbles color
  • Added main text in list view color
  • Added second text in list view color
  • Added playlist titles text color
  • Added playlist counter text color
    *Hardware keys
  • Added music run
  • Added long press going on
  • Added long press down
  • Added music call a halt to
  • Added flashlight call a halt to
  • Added 20sec choice in backlight duration
  • Added main text color
  • Added supplementary text color

2 Systemui

  • Redesigned all toggles thumbnails (Thanks to envy~)
  • New transparent/blur style
  • Round notifications
  • New brightness and handler thumbnails

3 Settings

  • Redesigned categories thumbnails (Thanks to envy~)
  • Some auxiliary text color
  • Redesigned categories
  • Removed some meaningless stuff
  • Worked upon some options
  • Cleaned taking place

4 Smart supervisor

  • Updated the app
  • Redesigned systemui toggles
  • New thumbnails in main screen and categories

5 Framework

  • Rounded corners for pop happening menus (thanks to envy~)
  • New switch btn thumbnails
  • New text colors
  • Redesigned power off menu
  • Removed some dividers
  • Redisgned realization off menu thumbnails

6 Launcher (thanks to envy~)

  • New strange menu thumbnails
  • Redesigned pages background
  • Added round corners in pages
  • Redesigned crate, home page, grid thumbnails

7 Contacts

  • New colors
  • New icons
  • Redesigned camera, delete, talisman the length of thumbnails
  • Removed some dividers
  • Round corners style for some menus
  • Cleaned taking place


  • S9 Oreo Based-Framework,
  • S9 Oreo Based-Launcher,
  • S9 Oreo Based- SystemUi,
  • S9 Oreo Based-Settings
  • S9 Pie Ported-Messages,
  • S9 Pie Ported-Clock,
  • S9 Pie Ported-Calendar,
  • S9 Pie Ported-My Files,
  • S9 Pie Ported-Calculator,
  • S9 Pie Ported- Keyboard,
  • S9 Pie Ported-Weather
  • Latest From Store- Music ,Dialer & Contacts
  • S7 Edge stock Oreo- Camera
  • ROMControl-HyperTools

how to update android pie on galaxy s7 edge and s7_Flat

Installation process:

Stap 1. Copy the ROM more than to your Internal Memory (not the outdoor SD Card).

Stap 2. Restart your phone into TWRP Recovery, and make a backup before if desired.

Stap 3. Do a FULL Wipe (Optional, but recommended and especially recommended if you are having issues)

Stap 4.Install the ROM, and restart your phone.
Stap 5. LEASE NOTE: Oreo seems to be a tiny humorous gone Deodexed ROMs, therefore you will compulsion to restart your device a couple of grow earliest in order for the deodexed system to be properly optimized.

Stap 6. After the setup wizard is unqualified, it’s always a pure idea to meet the expense of your phone a restart afterwards as capably.

**Enjoy your new ROM***


If you wanna make a mirror, please ask me first.

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