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All official Mobile phone prices in Bangladesh 2020.  Android, smartphone, feature phone, news, review, prices, full Specifications, at “Mobile Phone” is Not a device only, It’s an very important part of Human Life. Mobile phones became popular in Bangladesh in the late nineties. The phones of that time were much bigger than any other phone of the present time. These phones had a long antenna at the top, and they were also quite heavy in weight, so they were very cumbersome to carry. Due to the structure, these were also called “brick phones”. At that time only calls and messages could be made with these phones, nothing more was possible. that’s time the price of these phones was very high. And owning such a simple phone at that time was also a very dignified thing. Such phones are no longer available in the market.


In the middle of the twentieth century, first-generation smartphones came on the market. Nokia tops the list with its N series smartphones. BlackBerry was another respected name in the first generation smartphone years. There were still no touchscreens, apps, etc. and no one could do much with these devices. Internet access was slowly becoming more popular then, but after the first 3G network in Bangladesh in 2012, it was only possible through very slow GPRS technology. The first-generation smartphones were meticulously designed with improved camera quality and higher internal storage, and these were truly outstanding with the price. Storing photos, MP4 or video files, Mp3 audio files, various ringtones, mobile themes, etc. Were the main functionalities of those gadgets along with making 2G calls, sending SMS and MMS, Etc.

Android Smartphones

In late 2008, HTC launched the first Android phone commercially. Whose name was HTC Dream? Within a year of this, Android started giving a completely new shape to the market. Although Apple iPhones with iOS, Nokia’s Symbian, or BlackBerry OS phones were present in the market, But Android phones took the lead with its innovative Android store apps and through the number of possibilities, these apps were offering. Android phones started to become popular in Bangladesh after the launch of 3G network in Q4 2012. Symphony and Samsung were the top names in the first years of the advent of Android in this Southeast Asian country. As of 2019, Android has about 76% share of the global smartphone market which is much more expected in Bangladesh.

Feature Phones

Then in the early twentieth century came some kind of smartphone,  Which called “bar phone” or “feature phone”.They are also called as “button phones” in Bangladesh. These phones had text message options, MMS, polyphonic ringtones, 3.5 mm jack, FM radio, simple games, Bluetooth, and some of them also had a low-quality back camera. These feature phones have gained a lot of popularity among the people of Bangladesh. The entry-level feature phones were more priceworthy than first-generation mobile phones in Bangladesh and it offered many more features at the same time. The main reason is, by that time the technology was advancing faster, the market was growing, new brands were bringing new ideas and offers. videos, video player, Mp3 player, MP3 ringtones, internet access through WAP, etc. Features also developed in the later generation of feature phones. Back then the only Nokia brand occupied the e-single market, and Nokia was the king of phones. Phones like Nokia 1100, 1110, 1600, 3310, 3210, 6600, 2600 led the local as well as the global scene. Now there are many more brands that are offering good quality mobile phones with affordable prices. But Nokia still remains the most trustworthy name in this category. The Samsung Bar phone is another reliable name for customers who value consistent quality and durability.

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